Strategic Innovation

البرنامج Strategic Innovation
التاريخ 06 - 07 أغسطس 2018
الوقت 05:00 pm To 09:00 pm
تكلفة البرنامج مجاناً للأعضاء – 160 لغير الاعضاء
المكان فندق الشيراتون الكويت/ فور بوينت - قاعة الشامية
المدرب د.حمد الحساوي
لغة البرنامج انجليزي


This program nourish the use of your knowledge and expand your thinking that goes into the strategy development through identifying, imaging and 

understanding possible and reasonable future operating environment for your organization. 

Course Content

To introduce the concept of creative strategic thinking

 The effect of external and internal changes on strategy

 Step-by-step approach to creative strategy

 Drawing on familiar models

 Practical tools and techniques along the way

 To identify clear goals

 To provide a clear rationale for future strategy

 Creating buy-in with peers

 Motivating others to contribute to the process