Communication & Presentation Skills

البرنامج Communication & Presentation Skills
التاريخ 22 - 23 أكتوبر 2018
الوقت 05:00 pm To 09:00 pm
تكلفة البرنامج 100 دينار للاعضاء– 160 دينار لغير الاعضاء
المكان منتجع صحارى الكويت الدور الاول
المدرب أ.حمزة تقي
لغة البرنامج ثنائية اللغة

As a result of this training program, participants will be able to:

Use stories, examples and other methods to increase audience engagement, understanding and retention

Deliver high impact introductions and closes

Develop and use advanced forms of visual aids

 Create effective audience interaction

 Handle unplanned interruptions and challenging audience members

 Increase persuasive power through a strategic use of logos, pathos and ethos techniques

This program is designed for
Any person weather in a management position or else who require presenting vital information to stakeholders


Perform a needs analysis and prepare an outline
Select presentation delivery methods
Practice verbal and non-verbal communication skills
Knock down nervousness
Develop and use flip charts with color
Create targeted PowerPoint presentations
Utilize white boarding for reinforcement
Describe how video and audio enhance a presentation and list criteria for determining what types to use
Enrich the learning experience with humor, questions, and discussion