Application of Japanese Management to Manufacturing Industries

البرنامج Application of Japanese Management to Manufacturing Industries
التاريخ 18 - 20 فبراير 2019
الوقت 05:00 pm To 09:00 pm
تكلفة البرنامج 100 دينار للاعضاء– 160 دينار لغير الاعضاء
المكان فندق الشيراتون الكويت/ فور بوينتس - قاعة الشامية
المدرب د.سهيلة المطوع
لغة البرنامج انجليزي

The Japanese manufacturing industry has benefited from tools and techniques that focus on eliminating waste and maximizing value through continuous improvement or Kaizen. This approach has been associated with the ability to accomplish more with less. These concepts can be applied to numerous aspects of manufacturing and management processes. This course uses an interactive approach with role-playing, exercises, and case studies to introduce participants to various aspects of Japanese management. This course provides a starting point for participants interested in acquiring lean certification by recognized bodies such as the Society for Manufacturing Engineers (SME). Course is conducted in English.