Innovative High-Tech Industries

البرنامج Innovative High-Tech Industries
التاريخ 17 - 18 يونيو 2019
الوقت 05:00 pm To 09:00 pm
تكلفة البرنامج مجاناً للاعضاء– 160 دينار لغير الاعضاء
المكان فندق الشيراتون الكويت/ فور بوينتس - قاعة الشامية
المدرب د.خالد الرشدان
لغة البرنامج اللغة الانجليزية


This is a general course introducing technological innovations in various industries. Technological appears in the form of physical entities, such as machines and equipment, and in the form of managerial processes, such as Kanban and zero inventory management. The course will be conducted in an interactive manner with guest speakers from various local industries presenting their case studies.

Intended Participants: Anyone interested in high technology within manufacturing industries.