For the fifth year in a row, KIU organized Masna Al-Mubaderin in its fifth edition. KFAS and the Industrial Bank of Kuwait sponsored the fifth program, which included a number of training programs, practical workshops and field trips. KIU aims to attract young Kuwaiti entrepreneurs to establish small and medium manufacturing enterprises and transform their ideas into value-added projects that meet the needs of local and international markets.

The last period of the program was the practical experience, or the acquisition of real-life knowledge from successful business owners in the field of industry. Eight entrepreneurs out of the total number of participants were selected to visit the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, which is considered as one of the main industrial cities in the world.

List of the factories visited during the visit:

1.Textile Minh Khai Exports – JSC

2.Tien Son Thanh Hoa – JSC

3.Lam Son Sugar

4.Leather & Shoes Research Institute

Total number of applicants reached 194, and only 21 passed the assessment.