KIU is the key supporter for the local industrial sector. In fact, KIU has launched several major projects that contributed in enhancing the role of industry in the national economy and supporting the small and medium industrial enterprises. On that account, and in an effort to build that fundamental support to increase the awareness towards industry among fresh grads, KIU launched the Future Makers initiative.

Through its close relationship with the member factories and its effort in finding employment opportunities to attract trained professional labor capable of managing and operating modern production lines, KIU was able to create new job opportunities accommodating efficient and important education outcomes among Kuwait youngsters.

Since 2014 to this day, Future Makers program has been training Kuwaiti fresh graduates in local factories and manufacturing companies. The project is announced annually prior to its implementation to allow those wishing to register and participate.

The project has attracted and trained around 188 graduates from different technical and administrative majors, of which 75% were hired in local factories.