Seminar: Industrial Bridges Conference
Date: 4-February-2019
Venue: Sheraton Kuwait – AlMarjan Hall
Sponsoring Organization: Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences


Conference objective:

Shedding light on human development and the importance of establishing an infrastructure for investment in young people to qualify and direct them towards productive sectors, specifically the industrial sector, as the next destination for the most important vital projects that attract graduates and entrepreneurs.

Conference guests:

The first session entitled (Bridges for Promising Opportunities in the Industrial Sector)

  1. Mr. Hussain Ali Al-Kharafi – Chairman of  Kuwait Industries Union .
  2. Mr. / Dr. Ali Al-Mudhaf – General Manager of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Education.
  3. Mr. / Dr. Khaled Mahdi – Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development.
  4. Mr. Saqr Al-Sharhan – Executive Vice President of the Australian College of Kuwait.

     Session management: Mr. / Dr. Tariq Al-Duwaisan.

The second session entitled (Human Investment and Success Stories)

  1. Ms. Fattouh Al-Dalali – Member of the Board of Directors of LOYAC.
  2. Mr. Jaber Ashkanani – Representative of the Kuwaiti Injaz Association.
  3. Ms. Eman Al-Ansari – Deputy Director General of the Public Authority for Manpower.

     Session management: Ms. Manal Al-Hasawi.