The program represents an advanced package reflecting the concept of a factory. The program includes modern technological tools and ways to transform the potential of Kuwaiti youth and visionary entrepreneurs and enabling them to establish promising small and medium manufacturing enterprises that can be of an added value to Kuwait.

In order to achieve its goal, the program sought to draw upon the expertise and capabilities of manufacturers and those who established global industrial companies in addition to the expertise of KIU. The program, in its different phases, replicates the process of production through step-by-step instructions related to establishing lines of productions in order to reinforce the concept of industry among the participants of entrepreneurs and those with industrial ideas.

The idea introduction phase is followed by an assessment and choosing the best candidates after which the applicants will be put in a foundational and technical training by visiting local and international manufacturing enterprises and learning from their lines of production and strategic plans.

130 entrepreneurs benefitted from the program in all its five editions since its launch.