Seminar: Technology Innovation in the World of Industry
Date: 15-December-2015
Venue: Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry – AlBoom Hall
Sponsoring Organization: Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences


Seminar Objectives:

1-Present the latest technology used in a number of local manufacturing establishments.

2-Evaluate the local industrial sector in terms of technology used in lines of production.

3-Developing the local industrial sector by linking it to the outside world and developing the mechanism for transferring industrial technology to this sector.


Seminar guests:

1.Mr. / Dr. Khaled Mahdi – Secretary General – General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development.

2.Mr. Daoud Mojaes – CEO of Fourfilms Group.

3.Mr. Saif Al-Azmi – Marketing and Commercial Distinction Officer – Ceramic Industries Company.

4.Mr. / Dr. Kayan Saadat – Executive Director – Al-Nazrati Hassan Company.

Moderator: Mrs. Sanaa Al-Ghamlas – Executive Vice President – Kuwait Packaging Materials Manufacturing Company.